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Finding Fido: Your Guide To Choosing the Dog That's Right For YOU

Finding Fido: Your Guide To Choosing the Dog That's Right For YOU

DOGS. They're everywhere. Big dogs, small dogs. Young dogs, old dogs. Some shed and some don't — and what's up with doodles? What's a pitbull, and is it mean, or nice or nature or nurture? Everyone has something to say! With all these choices, how do I find the dog that's right for me?


Finding a dog that's a good fit offers extra security. Many reasons for re-homing (including "can't exercise the dog enough," and "dog ate through my couch") could have been prevented with a little more consideration on the front end. I.e. Do I actually want a dog? Do I know what dog ownership means? How much poop do I want to pick up?


In this book, we'll cover:

Determine if you're ready for a dog

Doing your Research (including things like Nature vs. Nurture, Big NO dog breeds, bite statistics by breed — and more)

Choosing a Breed

Deciding on a Puppy vs. Adult Dog

Deciding on Male vs. Female

Research Where You'll Get Your Dog

Plus a handful of worksheets to help you work through each of the above issues.


Check out the abridged free version here.


This guide is intended for people looking to add a first dog to their household. If you’re adding a second or third dog to your home, it can serve as a great starting point. However, it’s important to note there are many additional factors to consider, beyond the scope of what we cover in this guide.


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