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Scentwork Journal: General Edition

Scentwork Journal: General Edition

Scentwork, Nosework, Detection Journal for Dogs.

Keep a detailed history of each scentwork session with your pup. Easily track improvements, pain points, potential issues, and more. Doing nose work with your dog is a great way to give him a job and tire him out — especially on rainy, windy, or unpleasant days. Low impact for you, great workout for the pup.

The most common odors for companion animals are AKC or UKC oils, but if it has a sense of smell, a dog can find it. Professional scent detection dogs work to find narcotics, explosives, bed bugs, electronics, mold, cadavers, missing persons, and more.

THIS IS THE DIGITAL FILE ONLY. However, we have found it to be particularly useful when it's printed in spiral bound form (see image in listing). With these files, you can order a spiral bound version from a multitude of online printers. Or simply print and staple at home.

For those looking to print spiral bound through a print vendor, feel free to contact us after purchase if you need help ordering.


Utah Local: I occasionally place orders for my own spiral bound books. Let me know if you want one and I can get one for you at a lower cost than a place like FedEx

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