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Scentwork group is for dogs who have already established detection abilities. We will not be teaching scentwork here.


There is no cost to attend.

Belgian Malinois lying down next to a box indicating she has found the scent
Yellow illustrated dog paw print

I know scentwork already!

Text Hannah to get on the email list 801.503.8352 and read the rules below.

Pink illustrated dog paw print

I'd like to learn scentwork!

Please contact us or Cognitive K9 to learn the basics. Once established, we'd love to have you!

What Can I Do With Scentwork?

silly illustration of pit bull smiling

Have Joy

Just do it for fun. Plus, it'll tire out your dog, which is great for rainy days.

silly illustration of bomb and firecracker

Explosive Detection

Train your dog to find explosives. If you qualify, you can certify in Explosives Detection.

silly illustration of blue ribbon

AKC Titles

Title your dog in scentwork through AKC. You'll use the four AKC oils.

silly illustration of peanuts and exclamation point

Health Detection

Train your dog to find allergens or medical conditions like low blood sugar.

silly illustration of marijuana and pills

Narcotic Detection

Train your dog to find drugs. If you qualify, you can certify in Narcotics Detection.

Silly illustration of antler, phone, and keys

Any Finding Job

If it has a smell, your dog can find it. Keys, phone, bed bugs, mold — you name it.

The Basics

We're lenient. Come prepared to work. Advocate for your dog.  Don't be a dick. It's pretty simple. 

Beyond that, your goals are yours. This is not a class, we won't be teaching how to work your dog. However, feel free to collaborate and ask for advice. Come with humility — everyone has their own goals and "success" might not look the same to everyone. 

In that same space, kindness is required. Be kind to those around you. Be kind to yourself and your dog.

It seems obvious, but we'll still state it. Swearing, jokes, and silliness are permitted. Vulgarity is not. This includes things like racist or sexist slurs, derogatory terms or phrases, violence or threats, and "talking down" — even to yourself. There is a big difference between, "you fucked this up you moron," and, "hey, try this next time." Directness is appreciated. Assholery is not. Persistent dickishness will lead to being un-invited.

Image of a small poodle mix in a working harness
Chocolate lab lying down on bed of truck

What Gear Should I Bring?

It's up to you. We only ask that your gear is appropriate and well-fitted.

You may run your dog on or off lead. If off lead, we highly recommend an eCollar. 

Please bring your scent with you. If you do not have access to your scent, or you need someone else to bring it, please text Hannah 801.503.8352  or Dayna 619.933.7826 and we'll see if someone has it.

Scent & Methodology

Your goals are yours. You may use any scent, any method, any indication. If you want your dog to "sit pretty" when it finds an oak leaf, go for it. Seriously, it's up to you. 

Most folks use the following scents: drugs, explosives, or AKC oils. Consider your goals and be prepared to advocate for your dog. You may not want to run your drug dog with explosives on the field, as a risk of imprinting them on explosives. OR you may want to run them to teach them to ignore explosives. Your goals are yours. Let us know what you need so we can adjust accordingly.

If you're not sure about your goals, that's okay! Just come with an open mind and we'll help you out. 

Spotted heeler dog lying down in grass

Other Questions? 

Text Hannah 801.503.8352

or Dayna 619.933.7826

Do not call. Neither of us do phone calls. THANKS.

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